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Adventure #2 - Mr cat goes all in at the cat world series of poker against the denmark duo

Today mr cat our fearsome feline was invited to play in the cat world series of poker, to be televised on catvision. his $10,000 buy-in was put up by, in exchange he would wear their logo on his tail at the main event. on day 1 the competition was fierce as "cat helmuth" and "johnny chang cat" were both at his table. would he survive day 1 and go on for at chance to play the denmark duo and possibly win the gold paw bracelet? only time would tell.

after several hours of posting and folding blinds, mr cat was dealt pocket kitties. after a large preflop raise the flop came out another kitten, wow!! mr cat had just flopped a set of kitties. he of course checked trying to trap his feline opponents. when suddenly "cat helmuth" pushed it all-in and mr. cat quickly called, cat helmuth had flopped the nut flush draw and it was 2 cards to come.

ohh no the turn was another heart and cat helmuth had caught his flush, would our heroine go out in 888th? one card to come and there was a growl fell over the crowd with some slight meows for encouragement thrown in. last card to come, the cat dealer paw tapped the table and then dealt the river card. Meeeeeeeooowww screeched the crowd as another kitten hit the table, mr cat had made quad kitties the strongest hand in texas cat holdem. "cat helmuth" had been eliminated by mr. cat and therefore he was that much closer to the gold paw bracelet, meeeowsers.

soon after mr. cat had reached the final table. the excitement was palpable as mr. cat was joined by "johnny chang cat" and the famous kitty cat super duo from denmark.

Mr. cat was one step closer to the gold paw bracelet, could he defeat the Denmark duo and take home the Kitty bling.

The Denmark duo Claude cat cool cat and Kudo copper cat, were known as fierce competitors on the Kitty cat card circuit.

Was Mr. cat up to the challenge?