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Adventure #1 - mr cat in k-9 catastrophy
It was a day like any other in feline village, when suddenly the cat phone rang. Alas, it was commissioner felino castro with a call for our cat heroine "mr cat" .

He cried out, "the famous tabby museum has been robbed, the famous catta lisa was stolen and a four legged fiend of the caninous gang left a paw print at the seen" . Mr cat was cool and collected as always, he told commissioner not to worry, that he was the cat for the case and that the caninous were no match for the wits of mr. cat. "What a fearless feline you are replied commissioner felino castro, we know that with you on the case we can rest assured that the catta lisa will be returned and that the canine villains will be behind kennel bars for felony feline".

Mr. cat raised a paw to whisker and pondered where to begin the search for the k-9 criminal, as he pondered he came to a quick conclusion that it had to be the villainous snake dr. pepper pitbull behind the theft. He was the only dog with the gumption to try and steal the catta lisa right out from under our little cat noses. Mr. cat grabbed his super sleuth kit and attempted to take some paw prints.

Aha! he exclaimed, he had lifted a paw print from the scene. He fed the paw print into his i-catpod and out popped a match. It was as expected, a paw print match with dr. pepper pitbull.

The fiend had recently escaped from the famous london tower dog pound and had stolen the famous catta lisa. mr. cat meoweeed outloud "i won't rest my little cat tail until dr.pepper pit is collared and returned to the pound". After a short catnap, mr. cat was soon back to work. click here for more k-9 catastrophy

Adventure #2 - Mr cat goes all in at the cat world series of poker against the denmark duo

Today mr cat our fearsome feline was invited to play in the cat world series of poker, to be televised on catvision. his $10,000 buy-in was put up by, in exchange he would wear their logo on his tail at the main event. on day 1 the competition was fierce as "cat helmuth" and "johnny chang cat" were both at his table. would he survive day 1 and go on for at chance to play the denmark duo and possibly win the gold paw bracelet? only time would tell.

after several hours of posting and folding blinds, mr cat was dealt pocket kitties. after a large preflop raise the flop came out another kitten, wow!! mr cat had just flopped a set of kitties. he of course checked trying to trap his feline opponents. when suddenly "cat helmuth" pushed it all-in and mr. cat quickly called, cat helmuth had flopped the nut flush draw and it was 2 cards to come. Read more here

Catnip can make cats go crazy. What does catnip do to a cat?

The active ingredient which causes cats to go crazy is an essential oil called nepetalactone, which can be found in the leaves & stem of the plant.

Nepetalactone causes a hallucinogenic effect. Some say the effects are similar to LSD, others say similar to marijuana. This makes cats go crazy!!

Your cat is reacting to similar "feel good" pheromones released during sexual courtship/activity. However, non sexual behavior including playing, chasing & hunting can also be observed. The response to catnip is via the olfactory system (sense of smell). Catnip is generally not harmful to cats. They can't overdose on it.

Male cats tend to like catnip better because the same chemical in the stuff can be found in female cat urine. Yuck!!! The catnip won't work on you, so don't try inhaling it kids. Your cat will get high, but you won't.
What age do cats go into heat?
Cats typically go into heat for the first time around 6 months of age, but don' think you can safely leave her surgery until that time, in can occur a month or two earlier. A cat this young is too young to have a litter and probably is too young to be an effective mother. Most vets will wait until 6 months of age for an indoor cat, but if she is going outdoors all night long, many vets will spay a female as young as 4 months old.

They go into heat, but they don't bleed the way a dog does. Most cats I know have gone into heat before they were 6 months old. If she's older than 3-4 months old, you can either go ahead and get her spayed, or you need to keep her inside 100% of the time. Cats are known as "induced ovulators", meaning that the physical act of mating is what causes their ovaries to release eggs. As soon as they go into heat, they are ready to mate, which means by the time you realize your cat is in heat it may be too late.

Help control pet population, please have your cat spayed or neutered.
Health of your cat
There are some common signs that a cat may be sick. You can learn what to look for below, remember that if you think the cat is sick or unhealthy, let a veterinarian be the final judge.

Check the cats eyes - A cat that is healthy should have clear eyes. If it has runny eyes, this could be a clear sign that it is unhealthy.

Is the cat sneezing? - A sneezing cat is usually a sick cat. A cats nose is usually cold and moist. If the cat has a dry feeling nose, this could mean that he/she is ill.

Look in it's mouth - If the cat will allow you too, open it's mouth for a look at its teeth and gums. The gums should be a nice pink color, not red. Make sure the cat is breathing normally, the breathes should be even and quiet. Not loud or laborious.

Feel the cats body - The body should be meaty and not thin or scrawny. The cat should not have a potbelly, this could be a sign of worms.

Look at the ears - If you look into the ears and see black specks, the cat may be infested with ear mites. A cat that scratches its ears a lot or shakes its head often may also be a sign of mites or other abnormalities.

Cats like to nibble on grass, this can actually help their digestion process. An indoor cat may find plants enticing for a nibble. Some plants can be harmful to cats. If you have houseplants, try putting them out of a cats reach.

Cats may have 9 lives, but they can also get sick at times. Below are a list of some common cat illnesses.

Allergic Dermatitis
A common skin irritation in cats.

Diabetes Mellitus
Cats are susceptible to diabetes, just like humans are. Be sure to fed your cat a balanced diet to avoid obesity and diabetes.

Food Allergies
If your cat vomits frequently, has diarrhea, irritated skin, a poor coat condition or hair loss, then your pet may have a food allergy.

Urinary Tract Problems
Bad nutrition can contribute to this condition, also known as FLUTD (Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease)
Cool Quotes from "Mr.Cat"

Remember kids Mr. cat says "don't smoke that!".

Mr. cat Says "don't be a fool, stay in school".

"you are one coooooooooooooooooooooool cat" said, mr cat.

"the snow may fly and the ice will fall, but you pussycat, are the coolest of them all." - - -